How to Wear Fiber Necklaces
Chic, Sophisticated & Fun Fiber Necklaces & Accessories
I recommend the best way to wear my Fiber Necklaces is under any collar (jacket, blouse, coat, etc.) or against a sweater or turtleneck.  They add flair and fun to a plain outfit.  Let the Fiber Necklace be your accent piece, by wearing a plain collared-jacket or plain-colored  turtleneck. 
 The 3 different ways to wear the same Fiber Necklace to give 3 very different looks are: 
          1)Full/casual style  (right)
          2)Twisted style (left)
          3)Knotted style (see below) 
Full/casual style
by  Jane Ann  Steiner  
Fishers, IN  
(suburb to Indy)


Twisted style 
  How to Wear Fiber Necklaces 
Full/casual style (not twisted)
Twisted style
Above - both are Twisted Style (wear either against turtleneck or under a jacket collar)
2 examples of Knotted Style
Zoom-in view of Twisted style

(scroll down for more pictures)
Necklaces you wear on the outside of your clothing, like scarves.
Knotted Style (cream & blush mohair necklace)