About Fiber Necklaces
Twisted  style
 Full /casual style 
 I hand-make my Fiber Necklaces with 4-7 strands of high-quality yarn fibers (eyelash yarn, metallic yarn, novelty yarns, trellis yarn, butterfly yarn, ribbon, wool, cotton, mohair, glitter, etc.), then I finish them with quality glass beads and gold or silver clasps. I designed the winding process, putting together these different textures to make my necklaces fun, vibrant and eye-catching.  I have made over 100 different combinations using different colors & interesting textures.  They are very classy, vibrant and appealing accessories. Because they are so striking and unique, you will be surprised at how many compliments you will receive when you wear them.   My slogan is: 
Fiber Necklaces...to make your outfit "pop"
Cleaning Fiber Necklaces
 Since my Fiber Necklaces are made from yarn fibers (much like a winter knitted scarf or wool sweater), soak 
 them in Woolite or Dreft once they are soiled. Just use your fingers and break away the food, then let it soak for 
 3-5 minutes.If you wear them out to eat, food seems to find its way right into the fibers. Don't panic!  Use a gentle   cleaner, rinse in cold water, then just hang them up to dry.  It can't get any easier than that!
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If you cannot attend one of my shows (see this website page 5-Shows) to see every combination I have in stock, call me, e-mail me at javs@aol.com  or use link below and tell me your favorite jacket or outfit colors and your e-mail.  I will e-mail you photos of your favorite color combinations. Then you choose.  I take Amex,Master Card, Visa & Discover credit & debit cards. 

100% guarantee or your money refunded. I have made some new amazing color and texture combinations to match any outfit.  Wearing them is so much fun, and the compliments will amaze you.
Fiber Necklaces...to make your outfit "pop"
by  Jane Ann Steiner Fishers, IN
(suburb to Indy)

Chic, Sophisticated & Fun Fiber Necklaces & Accessories
Necklaces you wear on the outside of your clothing, like scarves.
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